May 8 2018

Advise on how to pack the rain poncho after cylicng

1. Turn the poncho inside out. The bag (which is sewn to the inside of the poncho) should be right side out.

2. Hold the poncho upside down in the fibreglass arc. The inside of the poncho should be towards you.

3. With your right hand, hold one end of the fibreglass arc.

4. Hold your left hand on the fibreglass arc about a shoulder length from your right hand.

5. Bend the fibreglass arc outwards with your right hand to form a small circle (ca 20 cm in diameter). Hold the circle with one hand.

6. Continue to roll up the fibreglass arc in circles, keeping it together with one hand.

7. Hold the circles with one hand while gathering the rest of the poncho, except for the bag.

8. Turn the poncho into the bag.

It is easy with some practise. Good luck!

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