Rain poncho for bike, blue

Take your bike all year round in all weathers. This poncho will keep even your legs dry. It is offered in three unisex sizes based on your length; S (155-165 cm), M (165-175 cm), L (>175 cm)

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This poncho has the following special features:

* A flexible arc in the lower hem keeps the poncho away from your legs, preventing the rain from reaching your legs and feet

* The cowl is adjustable so it can be worn with or without a helmet 

* The cowl has a shield in clear transparent material so you can see traffic when turning your head

* The front part of the poncho is made of clear transparent material so you can see the handlebars and the road in front of you 

* The poncho has rubber wrist bands that will help keep the poncho in place when it is windy 

* A bag is sewn to the inside of the poncho in which the poncho can be packed when not in use. The handle on the bag can also be used as a belt to keep the poncho in place when windy 

* The poncho is made of a high quality fabric that repels rain (8 000 mm) as well as allows breathing. For purposes of comfort, there is also ventilation in the upper back of the poncho 

* The poncho has openings for your hands and reflective edging all around

* The poncho is made of lightweight, yet durable fabrics, that should last a long time

Customer Reviews

Comfortable rain protection
This poncho is of very high quality and extremely comfortable. Due to its shape, even the legs are protected from rain and one is not sweating as with most other rain shields I knew. I'm cycling more often now even when it's raining. The poncho is very easy to handle, lightweight and smoothly fits into a bag just to have it with you in case of rain.
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Water proof / Hydrostatic head: 8 000 mm
Breathability / Water vapour permeability (outer fabric): ca 6 000 g/m2/24h
Weight: ca 460 g (1 lb)
Size (packed): ca 36 x 33 x 8 cm (14 x 13 x 3 in)
Care instructions: Let the poncho air dry after use. Before it is packed away for a longer time it must be completely dry. Rinse when needed in max 40 degrees C. Use mild detergent on stains. The poncho may not be machine-washed due to the fibreglass arc.
Composition (blue poncho)
Outer fabric: 57% polyamide, 43% polyurethane
Front part and shield on cowl: 100% polyurethane
Bag: 64% polyamide, 36% polyurethane
Lining: 100% polyester
Arc in lower hem: fibreglass
The outer fabric is made in Sweden
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